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It's summer now and the 2 women are thrilled to be enjoying the lake and the garden and especially a new sculpture (pictured above) created and installed by Marc Walter, artist and friend extrodinaire.

On Saturday, May 8th,  Fieldwork,  our new partner  celebrated  the opening of its 2016 season of installation art created by and for that special piece of landscape that inspires everything that Fieldwork and its community of artists does. Jennifer, one of the 2 women, was there to tell a small story and  generate interest in the storytelling and landscape project 2wp is doing there,  Storywork: Telling Tales Rooted in the Land. Marie Bilodeau,  Katherine Grier, Daniel Kletke and Marta Singh, four of the region’s finest tellers,are working hard on the traditional stories they will be performing for the culmination of  this project, Saturday, September  24th. in the  Fieldwork Barn.

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We are very pleased to offer thanks to Mark Briggs, Edith Gibault and Tania Garcia of National Bank Financial for their financial support of this project.

As well as the Fieldwork performance,  2wp is thrilled to be hosting a day to celebrate the glories of the wonder tale. Thirteen tellers and about twenty listeners will gather on the shores of Taylor Lake towards the end of August for a feast of long stories from around the world. Tellers and listeners are coming from Ontario and Quebec and even from as far away as Nova Scotia for this event.