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The last tour of the season is almost upon us.  But …. as you can see from the picture attached, spring does not seem to have caught up with the 2 women just yet. It has been a glorious winter,  filled with snow and sunshine.  Yes, yes it has been cold but still and still that means there hasn’t been much freezing rain which is surely the very worst of what winters’  have had to offer lately. It’s true it has been long,  oh yes it has been long,  but surely, surely not much longer.

To celebrate spring do come out and see Judith Poirier’s grand new show. World Where Am I? A Joyful Joourney of Self-Discovery.  Judith is a teller we don’t have much opportunity to hear in these parts. She is also one of those very special performers who sings magnificently as well as being a fine, fine teller.  In the new show she takes us to the Montreal of her childhood. In an exuberant and engaging performance, she guides us through the streets of that great city showing us how its people, its songs and yes of course its stories,  have contributed to making her into the remarkable person she is today.

This is the final show of the touring season year. Don’t miss it and if perchance winter still has not let go its iron grip,  the 2 women promise you that Judith show will fill you with warmth and optimism so that you will know the spring will come!!!!!!!


Also of course don’t forget Homer’s Iliad. On June 14,  at the National Arts Centre, you will have a once in a lifetime opportunity to immerse yourself for 12 hours in that grand and terrible story, one of Western Europe’s foundational pieces of literature.