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The final show offered audiences a splendid  and  very particular journey with Judith Poirier through the streets of Montreal … and a  pleasure it was to travel with her.

 Now our attention turns to the 2wp-Ottawa Storytellers full day co-production of Homer’s Iliad on June 14 at the Fourth Stage of the National Arts Centre. This is a  once in a life time opportunity to be intensively engaged in one of the western world’s most ancient and powerful stories.

Join the 18 tellers on the plains of Ilium. Feel the anger of Achilles and know its terrible consequences. Fight alongside the Greeks and the Trojans and know the human costs of battle for the men who fight and for those who wait at home. Don’t miss this unique experience.

Tickets NAC box office, Ottawa


 Which Character in the Iliad Are You?

Which Olympian God or Goddess from The Iliad Are You?;

Find out more about the process and the story