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As spring is arriving, 2 women productions is thrilled to  bring news of its new partnership with Fieldwork, one of Eastern Ontario’s most interesting creative endeavours. 

On Saturday, May 8th,  Fieldwork  will be celebrating the opening of its 2016 season of installation art created by and for that special piece of landscape that inspires everything that Fieldwork and its community of artists does. Jennifer, one of the 2 women, will be there to tell a small story because ……… For the first time, storytelling will be part of the Fieldwork season. Marie Bilodeau,  Katherine Grier, Daniel Kletke and Marta Singh, four of the region’s finest tellers, have been visiting Fieldwork to explore how that landscape and the art created for it, might inspire the telling of traditional folk and fairy tales that have grown out of different soils.  This is a new adventure for everyone involved and who knows what we might find out about landscape and stories as it unfolds. The project will culminate in a performance entitled Storywork: Telling Stories Rooted in the Land,  on Saturday, September  24th. at Fieldwork.


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We are very pleased to offer thanks to Mark Briggs, Edith Gibault and Tania Garcia of National Bank Financial for their financial support of this project.