Jan Andrews

Marie Bilodeau

Jennifer Cayley

Ellis Lynn Duschenes

Jacques Falquet

Katherine Grier

Katherine Hunt

Kim Kilpatrick

Daniel Kletke

Nicole Lavigne

Tom Lips

Anne Nagy

Phil Nagy

Catherine Sheehan

Marta Singh

Dean Verger

Mary Wiggin

Jeff Wright

Dragon's Gold: A Sword Re-forged, A Ring Accursed

with Jan Andrews, Jennifer Cayley and Katherine Grier


When the old Norse gods held sway, a son was slain and payment exacted in gold but the gold bore a curse, blighting the lives of all it touched.  Wagner shaped the story anew, Tolkien made it the heart of a hobbit’s quest.  Now, three of Canada’s finest tellers capture the epic’s spell once more. And, yes, there is a dragon; there is a sword that must be re-made.


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