Jan Andrews

Marie Bilodeau

Jennifer Cayley

Ellis Lynn Duschenes

Jacques Falquet

Katherine Grier

Katherine Hunt

Kim Kilpatrick

Daniel Kletke

Nicole Lavigne

Tom Lips

Anne Nagy

Phil Nagy

Catherine Sheehan

Marta Singh

Dean Verger

Mary Wiggin

Jeff Wright

Flying in the Dark: A Blind Woman's Story

created and told by Kim Kilpatrick


So, she was born blind!  So -- for those of us who are sighted -- Kim would seem to be hemmed in by dark.  That’s not how she sees it.  For her, the darkness is no barrier.  It’s the refusal of others to acknowledge  her competence that weights her down.  Laughter, language, relish for living have freed her.  All that and her trusty guide dogs.  A story of gentle adventure to send you chuckling into the night. 

Kim gratefully acknolwdges the support of the Canada Council for the Arts


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